We need #ICD10!!


I’d like to share the following information for everyone who knows #ICD10Matters. Ms. Margarita Valdez is asking for everyone’s help in reaching out and spreading important #ICD10Facts.

This is a reminder that tomorrow, February 11th the Energy & Commerce subcommittee on Health will hold a hearing on ICD-10 implementation at 10:15am ET. Now is the time to voice your support for the new code sets with key legislators in Congress. Please call your legislators today! It’s urgent that Congress hears from you before the hearing.

You can follow these 4 easy steps:
1) Call Dr. Michael Burgess at (202) 225-7772
2) State that you support ICD-10 implementation in 2015.
3) Use the talking points below:

4) When you are done, call the other congressional leaders and Tweet also using hashtags #ICD10Matters and #SubHealth.

Legislator District / Phone Number
Chairman/Rep. Joe Pitts PA-16   (202) 225-2411
Rep. Morgan Griffith VA-9   (202) 225-3861
Rep./Dr. Andy Harris MD-1   (202) 225-5311
Chairman/Rep. Fred Upton MI-6   (202) 225-3761
Ranking Member/Rep. Frank Pallone NJ-6   (202) 225-4671

Find more Twitter handles here

Hope to see you at the hearing tomorrow!


About Heidi Kollmorgen

My passion and interest involves anything related to medical billing, coding and health information management. I love to share what I learn and educate others so you have definitely come to the right place! ICD-10-CM is set to become mandatory beginning October 1, 2015. As an AHIMA ICD-10-CM Trainer also carrying the title of CCS-P (Certified Coding Specialist - Physician Based) you can be assured that quality care of your patients is the ultimate goal of my work as a consultant. HD Medical Solutions is dedicated to providing you with all your Revenue Cycle Management needs.
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