Need ICD-9 help for your RHIT?

If you are preparing for your RHIT and only studied ICD-10, you are sure to be panicked right now but you shouldn’t be.  AHIMA and many others are ready to help you and HD Medical is one of them.

Follow our blog and under our Services section, you will find a link where questions can be posted.  We will do our best to help you find the answers and give you the extra support you need.teamTake this as a rare opportunity to prove your amazing ability to overcome obstacles.  Future HIM employers seeking coders will be impressed with any new grads earning the RHIT credential in 2014!


About Heidi Kollmorgen

My passion and interest involves anything related to medical billing, coding and health information management. I love to share what I learn and educate others so you have definitely come to the right place! ICD-10-CM is set to become mandatory beginning October 1, 2015. As an AHIMA ICD-10-CM Trainer also carrying the title of CCS-P (Certified Coding Specialist - Physician Based) you can be assured that quality care of your patients is the ultimate goal of my work as a consultant. HD Medical Solutions is dedicated to providing you with all your Revenue Cycle Management needs.
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