Ready for the new 1500 Claim Form?

Great summarized article on the changes taking effect April 1 – just a few short days away! Providers should be aware how this directly affects claims submissions.

Even though your vendor or clearinghouse is ready doesn’t always mean YOU are. The information must go to them correctly FIRST so they can do their part and actually file it. Talk to your staff and your practice management system support team to find out the details.

CMS 1500 Form

For example, do you perform EKGs or other services in the office? Your billers must enter DK in box 17.

Are you submitting ICD-9-CM codes? Make sure to complete box 21 with a 9 – if you don’t your claim will not pass edits.

Manage My Practice – How to Complete the CMS-1500

About Heidi Kollmorgen

My passion and interest involves anything related to medical billing, coding and health information management. I love to share what I learn and educate others so you have definitely come to the right place! ICD-10-CM is set to become mandatory beginning October 1, 2015. As an AHIMA ICD-10-CM Trainer also carrying the title of CCS-P (Certified Coding Specialist - Physician Based) you can be assured that quality care of your patients is the ultimate goal of my work as a consultant. HD Medical Solutions is dedicated to providing you with all your Revenue Cycle Management needs.
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